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Theyre also present on f95zone.to and newgrounds.com. We’re hopeful that Tora Productions will continue making erotic games that mean something. So far, the Tlaero and Mortze games have taken place in 3 settings. The "Elsa-verse" games are the main ones that Tlaero and Mortze have done together. - Dreaming with Elsa - Redemption for Jessika

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f95zone Peasants Quest – Guide v1.32 by Ghostwalker (This walk-thru, in part, was done by “ bartleby” for version 0.61 and so to him goes a great deal of the initial credit and thanks. I have simply attempted to pick-up where he left off.

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f95zone The forums like f95zone are a whole different ball game, even though it is fun to play. Casual gamers will have a light PTSD event through busy websites. If you want to chat about Battlefield, the YouTube channel is a much more welcoming place, battlefields are good for engaging with the viewer and fans tend to come together around issues such

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Hey all! I am Evil User and Lukes Way is my first game ever. I just started developing games in Renpy, and my plan is to cover variety of genres in my games. So far my focus will be only on Lukes Way. I am working alone, without coworkers, and thats why game updates may take longer to get here

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